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  • You can also ‘volunteer’ your time, knowledge or assistance. Some of you have experiences, research skills, or specific knowledge on specific topics, policies, disciplines, or a passion for something. We need good people to just assist other good people. Your information can make the difference.
  • We also assemble small work groups around a policy issue which may be of interest to you. Your age, qualifications or experience is not necessarily a requirement. Tony believes that passion and commitment are the primary drivers of success. So email your interest, story, and/or contributions to with VOLUNTEER in the subject line.
  • Financial support. Tony and his family have paid for 99% of all their political expenses over the decades. Everything you see and the time that Tony gives has been donated to you at his family’s cost. However, now people have asked to give money to assist in Tony’s work. Our last campaign was largely funded by patrons giving to cover the costs. If you would like to give a gift money or make a ‘campaign donation’ when Tony is an offical Candidate to run in a seat, or is fighting a social justice campaign, simply donate here or email the team at with PATRON in the subject line and your request for deposit details. Otherwise you can donate directly into Tony’s political bank account as follows:  Name: Tony Moore BSB: 638-260 AC# 9802541

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