Moore Dreams Of A People’s Performing And Visual Arts District And A People’s Remembrance Garden For Fisher

04 Sep Moore Dreams Of A People’s Performing And Visual Arts District And A People’s Remembrance Garden For Fisher

PRESS RELEASE – Federal Election/Fisher/Queensland


Federal Candidate for Fisher Tony Moore, today has unveiled a bold vision for the Sunshine Coast’s future that is founded in an appreciation of our people, our culture and creative talents, and in remembrance of those who have passed on.


Mr Moore, proposes to solicit significant federal and state funding to build an iconic landmark in Fisher that would feature: a 1500 seat grand concert hall; a 500 seat live music venue; a 1000 m2 visual art gallery; a people’s remembrance garden; and an historical library featuring our Sunshine Coast history.

“This iconic landmark would represent the people of the Sunshine Coast, by marking a moment in our Sunshine Coast history, planning for its growth and setting the tone for our future.” says Mr Moore.


Mr Moore, who is also a professional musician says “the fact is, the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland have a greater concentration (per capita) of visual, performing and musical talent.

“We teach our children the importance of following your dreams or talents, but demonstrate little value for it when we do not have spaces of prominence for them to express or employ those talents.”

“The Sunshine Coast has some great annual music events, such as the Caloundra music Festival and the Noosa Jazz Festival.  But it’s time the Sunshine Coast attracted it’s own regular international talent to the Sunshine Coast and a Performing and Visual Arts space will set the stage as well as provide local talent a creative outlet.”

“Simply, our governments often think only in terms of economic investment, providing billions of tax-payer dollars to prop-up or support things like the car industry.  However, they forget about the investment into the people’s wellbeing that the Arts provide to our nation, its people and their quality of life.”

“It’s initiatives that bring people together, that define and build the spirit of a nation and country ,not how many dollars you throw at an industry.” said Mr Moore.

“public spaces of remembrance are another important gift to the people.”

He explains: “while door-knocking during the election campaign, I was touched greatly by people who were grieving for loved ones who had died.  They live, feeling that loss everyday – hoping, to find relief or peace.”

“Well as a government we can respond to that need, by providing the people with a significant purposeful space of remembrance, solitude and peace.  A place that they may plant a tree, or lay some ashes to later return – for generations to come, and remember those loved-ones, gently”

“It’s time we all began to support and celebrate the lives and people of the Sunshine Coast and recognise and embrace local talent.”

Mr Moore says “I know for some this grand proposal is beyond their vision or appreciation, but every great-people and place, have a land mark, monument or a space that stands as a testament to their people, their strength and their value.”

“It’s time we built ours – right in the middle of Fisher” Mr Moore said.