School Zones Need More Than Flashing Lights

03 Sep School Zones Need More Than Flashing Lights

PRESS RELEASE – Federal Election/Fisher/Queensland


Federal Candidate for FISHER, Tony Moore says any initiative to keep drivers aware they are entering a school zone, is welcome, however he doubts that the initiative of flashing lights or increased fines are the best measure for insuring our children’s safety.

Mr Moore, who has an undergraduate degree in psychology says that school zones, at peak times, are filled with visual noise and alternative  visual stimuli competing for a driver’s attention.

“Flashing lights generally alert a driver’s attention towards the light and therefore away from the road.”

“The last thing we need in a school zone is for a driver in a school zone is to have flashing lights distracting their attention from the road.”

Mr Moore is calling on the Transport and Main roads Minister Scott Emerson, to consider a better alternative for the sunshine coast to trial.

Mr Moore suggests Perpendicular Transverse Lines (PTL).  He clarifies PTL are broad lines, similar to a zebra crossing, but which run at right angles to the road way for the full distance of the 40km/h school zone.”

“PTL’s psychologically have a more positive response to driver’s by:

1) Alerting the driver to a change in the roads purpose, that being a school zone.

2) They focus a driver’s attention onto the road and not onto a flashing light.

3) They naturally extend a driver’s visual awareness horizontally into the periphery as the PTV’s are perpendicular to the road.”

“This on the sum of it, creates a higher level of driver awareness and alertness, as well as providing great peripheral attention, which is necessary where children often dart in and out between cars and buses” said Mr Moore

“For 10-million dollars over 4 years, I think we can do better by the tax payers and our children”

“Perpendicular Transverse Lines are just a simple and logical solution that could make a big difference to preventing road accidents and accidental speeding in school zones”

Mr Moore said that he will be writing to all Sunshine Coast school communities and the Transport and Main roads Minister offering his support to increase public awareness of road safety around schools and also offer the suggestion of Perpendicular Transverse Lines as a trial for Sunshine Coast Schools zones”