2022024/5 – Federal Election House of Representative (anytime, 3 Aug 2024 – 17 May 2025)

House of Representatives

The latest possible date of the next election is within 68 days from the expiry of the House. As the 47th Parliament first met on Tuesday 26 July 2022, it is therefore due to expire on Friday 25 July 2025. The election for the House of Representatives must therefore be held by 27 September 2025, the last Saturday within this 68-day period. However, elections are generally called well before constitutionally or legally necessary.

Simultaneous half-Senate and House of Representatives election

As House of Representatives and half-Senate elections are usually held together, both the earliest and latest days for an election would be dictated by the half-Senate election. As such, the earliest date for a simultaneous election would be Saturday, 3 August 2024 and the latest possible date would be Saturday 17 May 2025


Table 1: Commonwealth elections—Next election dates

Last election Earliest date Latest date
Simultaneous half-Senate and House of Representatives 21 May 2022 3 August 2024 17 May 2025
House of Representatives 27 September 2025
Half-Senate 3 August 2024 17 May 2025
Double dissolution N/A 29 March 2025