2022 Federal Election_House of Representative (anytime, 1 July 2021 – 3 Sept 2022)

House of Representatives

House terms last three years from the date of the first sitting of the new House after the previous election. The 2019 election was held on 18 May and the new House sat for the first time on 2 July 2019.

The current House expires on 1 July 2022, and using the maximum period allowed for issuing writs and campaigning, the last date for a House election is 3 September 2022.”

When can a ‘normal’  election be held? has a three-part answer:

  • The first date for a normal house and half-Senate election is 7 August 2021, if announced this weekend and writs are issued by Monday 5 July.
  • The last date for a normal house and half-Senate election is 21 May 2022. This date gives six weeks to complete the complex Senate count and allows Senators to be declared elected and start their terms on 1 July. A mid-May election would be announced in early April 2022.
  • There is a highly improbable option for a half-Senate election by 21 May 2022 and a separate House election as late as 3 September 2022.