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Q. Don’t we just need a Senate that gets policy through fast?

My job as a politician, is to represent the people. I do this by weeding out the bad policy which is just as important as to draft, identify and deploy the good policy.  This is actually the function of parliament, representative policy aka democracy or the social contract.  The houses of parliament do not simply exist as a rubber stamp to each other, or as a party genie, who if you rub their belly all your wishes wants get a ‘special’ rush through.

To make a difference, Tony reviews policy and issues, filtering its purpose in alignment with the people’s best interests and the rule of Law.  As such, he takes good policy from where ever it comes and blocks bad policy in this same way.

Q. So what are Tony’s policies?

Tony’s policies are available on the policies page. Click Here to view.

Q. Is he more like Labor or the Liberals? Can he really make a difference?

Tony is best defined, not as more or less on the blue or red team, as these are polarities not policies. Tony is a ‘centrist’ politician.

Centrism is the independent or moderate political position that guards the centre, or majority of society, from extreme left and right, progressive or regressive, and or liberal ideologies, self-centred or ‘group-focused’ agendas or claims.

“People often refer to the centrist approach as ‘The Third Way’ to do things, or ‘the rational independent alternative’ ”, he said.

A centrist politician works independently with centre-left and centre-right ideas and policy to identify, capture and assist ‘good policy’ back to the centre while opposing extreme ‘special interest’ policy or bad policy.

Good policy benefits all people as it is hinged to the rule of law.  Bad policy does not” he says.

The rule of Law is the value that a civil society, governed by a Constitution, sets limits to their government’s power: to protect individual rights from authority, and even against the political will of a majority.

Tony says, good policy is essential to good government.

A good government is as easily corrupted by bad policies, as a bad government  can be revived by good policies.  My job is to know the difference”.

In many ways, the origin of a policy, whether Liberal or Labor is irrelevant to me.  If a policy, in full or in part: supports the public’s best interests; if it champions the rights of the individuals; and is blind to claims of special rights or exemptions by groups, then it is a good policy which aligns to the rule of Law.”

Q. Why do we need independent politicians? Can they be effective?

There is a big difference between a ‘party politician’ and a politician independent of party control.

Have you ever wonder why the people want one thing and a politician or party always seem to do the opposite? it’s usually because they have been told to ‘toe the party line’, not do what’s right, but do what’s right for the party and party members.

Being ‘independent’ is not about being alone, it’s about impartiality. Independence is that you don’t need a party to tell you what you are going to do.

Ask yourself, whats the point of electing a candidate for their passion, their capability, their policy and their views, only to have a very small group of party members override all that, overtime?

Without independent politicians elected, the people’s voice remains silent or filtered though party agendas.  Independence can be no more important that in parliament, where parties manipulate, conspire and transform policy to railroaded their policy through the lower house, which then often sails right through the Senate unchallenged.  Without a Senate or independent minds reviewing each policy, the people are systematically disenfranchised and left powerless with out a voice or ironically a ‘representative’. The people’s only remedy or retort is the next election after much damage has already been done.  This has been the people’s method for 50 years now.

The conservative party, trusted with protecting conservative values, have now given us gay-marriage, abortion on Queensland and many other States and Territories, a totalitarian response to Covid-19 and the vaccination assault, and will likely give over on euthanasia in Queensland anytime now, and it’s just untenable and unacceptable.

“The great thing about being an independent centrist politician is that it frees me from party-lines to seek, show and demonstrate the ‘truth’ and ‘the third way’ of doing things by drafting independent public policy, which benefits the people.  I like to get my hands dirty – lifting up the carpet, investigating where the money goes, who benefits and why, how we measure this, and who wins” 

Independent thinking politicians do four things in parliament.  They support, oppose, expose or create new policy:

As a politician, Tony fills the space and purpose of a people’s representative to ‘review’, inspire and lead policy with an educated, tenacious and formidable presence, by independently measuring and reviewing each Bill against the terms of agreement (the Constitution). Which is the social contract the people have with the government; and so, not to just simply tow the party line or make impacting decision and policy that benefits the party in power and their donors. 

Q. So how can we help, what can we do?

Tony is seeking the public’s nomination from Queenslanders for the 2016 Federal Senate election.  

You can best support him by:

  1. Offering to nominate him as your candidate for Senate, and sign the nomination forms. You can be kept up to date of the nomination signing dates/location by adding yourself to the contact mailing list – click here;
  2. Tell as many people about Tony’s campaign as you can.  If you want an independent voice in the Senate, then you’ll need to tell everyone you can so they can all vote TonyMooreForSenate.com.au  
  3. One way you can get the word out for free, is to share Tony’s social media content and news media articles regularly; lastly
  4. When you donate & support, it helps us pay to get the campaign message and elector education videos out more effectively to Queenslanders who are outside of our existing friend/supporter networks, and this is essential to securing a voice for all Queenslanders and a champion for issues they face.

“The bottom line is, this is more than just one person.   This goes nowhere without you guys fiercely campaigning in your streets, towns, communities, churches and work spaces, in my place”.  

For that, and every effort of support or kind word, I thank you – TM

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