Political and Theoretical Orientation

So what makes Tony different to other politicians and those 2-parties?  

“Everything!” Tony says, “but it starts with motivation and intention, then the result!”.

Tony is just like you and me: stable, grounded, family-focused and hardworking. But he is also passionate, compasionate and tenacious; capable; and motivated to ‘be’ the change that he seeks in this country, and protect those whom the system fails.  

For him, that meant he must: up skill; acquire new knowledge; speak a new political theology; and all of that means he needed to get uncomfortable, at great personal cost and financial discomfort over a long period of time, so that his head, hands and feet matched his heart.  

A good government is as easily corrupted by bad policies, as a bad government  can be revived by good policies.  My job is to know the difference and act as a agent for the good of the people.”

Tony believes that the people deserve more than what we have received.  He believes that Queensland deserves representation that is not filtered through party policies or hijacked by nationally deployed party agendas or interests.  The role of independent representation is key to controlling political parties in this country, he says.  

“The last thing Australia needs is a ‘rubber stamp Senate’ to be the muse of who-ever has power and control of the House of representatives, often reflecting their overt gross neglect of the people’s interests.  This kind of dictation, is not only a waste of public money, but offensive to our democracy and importantly our Constitution, which is the contract between the people (the electors) and those they elect to govern them (the elected)”.

Tony believes that it’s not parties that have to change, but the people.  He suggests the major political parties Liberla/Nationals and Labor/Greens are actually beyond reform.  That “in many ways, party behaviours, attitudes and self indulgent actions are the nature and consequence of party-ism”.  Recent, changes to Senate voting rules in 2016 highlight this uncontrollable compulsion to serve the self and wilfully deceive the people; presenting the Senate voting changes as in the ‘people’s best interests’.  But Tony suggests “since when has a monopoly, duopoly, tyranny or dictatorship ever operated in the people’s best interests.”

“This trouble”, he says, increases as political competition decreases.   As such ‘two-party preferred’ pursuits breed a self-interested and an American cash-for-access style of politics which are little more than entrenched duopolies of revolving dictatorships and financial partnerships, designed and constructed around rules that elect and reelect the same two parties – giving them the special title of so-called ‘two-party preferred‘ – gifting them enduring revolving power and to make laws that keep them in power and keep the people in ignorance and silent”. 

Tony believes that personal motivation and intention are the basis of all performance and politically set the tone for the public’s expectation.  He suggests that the people have a very low expectation of politicians and their governments. “This comes down to their self-interest, and total fixation on re-election efforts from those we elect, and in this, on the balance, we are left wanting.”  He says. 

He adds, “our Australian constitution was built on the values of independence from political parties, ‘fairness’ for all and fair representation of the people and their will, known as ‘representative governance’.  A two party preferred system, or any corrupted party system is the exact polar opposite of independence, fairness and representing the people, as it railroads the people, disguised as democracy, it rewrites social values and beliefs, and it funnels them into party silos of party centric policy, dictation, self-orientation and selfish party pursuits, power grabs, manipulations and gains.”  

Tony says that “unless Australians soon change how we vote, and why we vote that way, self interest, political and party corruption, towers of power and opportunism will consume every pound of flesh from us and our children, and they will lay waste to our bones in hidden places, silent, beaten and without challenge, hope and/or the proper representatives or champions to stand in our place.”

But Tony is not going away, he has a vision and a plan,When all you have left are hope and dreams, anything is possible.”  


Changing Elector’s Hearts, Minds and Voting Behaviour

Prior to 2017, Tony had long been a supporter of conservative (coalition) governments, sharing their publicly declared conservative values and insuring that those who trusted Tony with their first vote, would also share preferences to conservative parties as a “back-stop” and protection to unnecessary, minority progressive influences. However “the last five years has been an eyeopening bitter pill for us conservatives”, he says, revealing that “conservative” for the coalition is little more than a trading name, a brand or gesture to retain swinging voters by tickling their ears”. As such, Tony says “two significant political, cultural and global abuses of society have allowed Australians to see the coalition for nothing more than the liars, deceivers and political con-artists that the Coalition’s performance – in and of-itself – reveals.

Firstly, the 2016/17 gay-marriage debate, plebiscite and parliamentary conscience vote was an outstanding peddling of lies, omission of representation, and cowardice that few egotistical Mp’s before could have ever let drizzle out of their false presentations. Simply, when push came to shove, the gay-marriage vote saw most of the Coalition MP’s MIA (missing in action) from both the lower House of Representatives and the Senate, the People’s House of Review; and those Coalition MP’s that voted? well most voted against conserving Marriage.

Second, was the massive atrocity and bungled national handing of the Australian Coalition’s covid conscription into tyranny from 2019 and ongoing. What started out as an unknown virus, led to a more unknown vaccine, that wasn’t even a vaccine 1st, 2nd or 3rd trial round. And so, instead of the threat of the virus killing us, it was the vaccine – which the 2-party [un]preferred Premiers, aided by the blue federal government who weaponised the vaccine roll out, that killed hundreds and maimed tens of thousands of trusting Australia’s, according to the TGA weekly results and ABS data on “covid deaths”.

But it was not just these heinous and completely insane assaults on the Australian population, but the Federal government’s back door “assistance’ to the States and Territories to create a final solution to suit a globalist agenda and the ability to wash clean their finger prints from the roll out of the corporate vaccine economy and universal voluntary vaccine. All of which was about as voluntary as a ‘gun to the head’ of Australians. Yet all of which, allowed Prime Minister Morrison to consistently say that “we will not be mandating any vaccine”, while the States and Territories effectively mandated the vaccine and locked out any and all unvaccinated – the hesitant, those with medical contraindications to a covid shot and those recovering from adverse events following a covid injection –  all discriminated against and locked-out from their jobs, careers, study, graduations and placement, as well as tracking us and restricting our free movement both local travel and even national… even rejecting people from accessing basic health care, basic health services or shopping for basic foods, and at times, essential supplies. 


The Two Party [un]Preferred Bastardry and the Auzzie Battle to Reclaim Our Freedoms

Over the last two years, what is clear is that the ‘2-party preferred’ parties haven’t been preferred for a very long time as they can never be trusted again; but more than that, a viable financially resourced and equipped alternative party or political agent just hasn’t been in the people’s minds nor has their message been living in the people’s hearts and cries, until now (2022).

Essentially, those 2-party [un]preferreds exchanged our trust and the truth for deceit and lies, and instead of protection, they led us into a trap of ‘2-party preferred’ totalitarianism, having to suffer under a litany of overreach of powers and a horrendous assault of unconstitutional intra and inter State/Territory abuses perpetrated on everyday Australians, mums and dads, small business owners and self employed; on churches, the elderly and those in ‘high risk’ settings like aged care and children.

These 2-party [un]preferreds manipulated the lack of information available to us, by way of the frightening manipulations from the media, into a fear of Covid to re-found a new political heyday and hegemony used to assert sovereignty over the people and rule over us all, but they have failed. The cries have been heard, the people have been assembling, not participating in the mandates, rejecting their power and directives and this is a good thing, as this is the the beginning of the people taking back their authority and sovereignty of the people over parliament’s and power in Australia.”

What is most disappointing however, is the great let down; the shattering of our just world hypothesis.

At least the Labor party lies to your faces, but the Coalition pretend that they are your champions, your friends, your party – they tell you as much – yet do the very opposite behind your back and blame all but themselves for it. Remember the ‘coalition of conservative’s’ promise to protect marriage and keep us free and our values protected, well…?”

The Coalition of Liberal and National parties who swore to protect Marriage and also the unborn, the elderly, the poor, the ill, the vulnerable, our jobs, our freedoms, and also value our education, careers, lifestyles and contributions; but instead of conserving these things, they gave us gay-marriage in Australia, abortion and euthanasia in Queensland and many other States and Territories; and during the last two years… both Liberal/Nation and Labor/Greens MP’s have allowed their Prime Ministers and Premiers to give us in endless lock downs, lock ups and lock outs, all because the “good people” failed to show up to work that day. As such: they failed to do their job to protect us; they failed to represent the will of the Australian people; they failed to conserve our freedoms. They are political cowards, shepherdS who feed only themselves, they chose themselves and their party, they chose “reelection” rather than spend political capital on the defence of our freedoms. They chose aligence to the party system of power, over us. ‘Lest we forget’

More to the point, the Australian parliament, The Australian Constitution and the safe guards set up for our protection – like the judicial system and accountability systems – have all largely and failed to protect us, rather appear to be redesigned and calibrated to protect these politicians and their parties from us. So just like the so-called Covid-vaccine has failed to protect anyone from the virus, and instead has now been seen to cause more damage to our health, families, societies and future than any virus, variant or some random flu, but not the flu, could entertain – so too it is clear that we have we the people have been stripped down of our power and sovereignty.

This leave only one day every three or four years, where not even the corrupt or corrupted can prevail against the people, and that is at an election, if the people have the will to change their vote to claim back our freedoms.


The Way

It’s now more clear than ever in Australia political history that The Australian parliamentary system, the electoral system and this notion of a ‘2-party preferred’ ideology is broken and has corrupted or disabled all reasonable hopes of help. Therefore the only way to correct or remove this corruption from our electoral and political system is to break the 2-party preferred system all the way to the ground and shatter any ability for reassembly. This requires Constitutional change. In the mean time, we do this by breaking the stronghold and advantage that these 2-party [un]preferred parties have. The way is simple, we simply send them from the poll position that they seek on every ballot to the last positions on every ballot; voting blue/red/green absolutely last. This! with 30% of electors doing the same is enough to shatter the 2-party preferred system , breaking us back together again to unite Australia by choosing to vote for one and only one party – who has the greatest chance of forming government – in the number 1 position.

“This is not a dress rehearsal. This is not wishful thinking. If you – the electors – want your freedom, you will have to fight, work and campaign for it.”


A United Australia is for Me

Arm-chair politics of the 90’s and 2000’s got us here, just like the inherited partyism and indoctrination voting strategies of our parents still attempt to hold us here. But too get our selves out of this mess, only one political movement is filled with ‘the people’, real people, and who has the resources, quality candidates in all seats and the ability to form government and govern and that is the United Australia Party.

This is why I made the decision in late 2021 to join the United Australia Party to serve my community and help whoever they nominated in my area to take out the current seat warmer and LNP ATM machine and Member for Fisher.

However, only a few days after joining I felt a very strong tugging at my heart and my community actually asking me to run, and so I also silently nominated as a candidate in a seat that I had run in previously, last in 2013, which was the Sunshine Coast seat of Fisher. That said, I had already decided that if their choice was not me, I didn’t care, I was not here for the role or the title, but to do the job once and for all, so I was in boots and all, ready for change, ready for the battle for our freedoms from the 2-party [un]preferred tyranny, not just for my family and my kids, but for yours too.

As such, I am pleased to publicly announce that the United Australia Party executive have endorsed me as the candidate for the seat of Fisher, and I am locked and loaded and have already started the battle for our freedom from the LNP!; and you can join me too! email me at Fisher@unitedAustraliaparty.org.au to volunteer and lets smack this out of the park.

As such, when elected, Tony’s decision-making will be to unite Australia by removing all notions and unfair advantage, favour and influence of the 2-party preferred ideology, to restore the sovereignty of the people, and return Australia to is Constitutional roots so that only the people’s best interests are preferred, which is our future.

Tony supports only good-policy, policy that builds our nation, build from the Constitution, protects individuals and their families, as well as serving the people of Queensland to retain their freedom from the political bastardry that has become the red/blue 2-party [un]preferered cancer of our society. Tony remains, undeterred by the gravity and obstacles of this task, he is not alone. He is a fierce and vocal opponent to those that seek to deceive and subvert the truth from the people and will do what it takes to make Australian’s free from the 2-party preferred tyranny, and reform Australia into the great and free nation that our future should be.


Read about Tony’s Personal Public Policy

So yes, we are the resistance, it’s true: we are the underdogs; the reformers; the pioneers; the salt shakers and history makers.  

No longer can we blindly and silently trust our politicians to be “working tirelessly for us”, they have been working only for themselves all along.

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Thanks kindly, and thanks in advance – TM

“Unless Australians change how we vote, and why we vote that way, self interest, political corruption, towers of power and opportunism will consume every pound of flesh from us and our children, and they will lay waste to our bones in hidden places, silent, beaten and without challenge, representation or champions to stand in our place”.