Tony’s Policies

Tony’s guiding ethics, principles and plan

Voice to the silenced
Action to the deficit
Protection to the child
Sustainability to the family
Truth to the people
Accountability to the public
A heart to the community
A future to society
A spirit to the nation
COVID-19, Emergency Powers & Vaccinations

We acknowledge that COVID-19 has caused detrimental disturbance to society as we knew it, and that there is no going back to 'life as normal'. Considering the harmful and fatal impact of vaccines, mandates and directions imposed on the people; the use of 'Emergency powers' by the unelected and their ruling governments to manage this situation is no longer suitable. We prioritise an individual's health over that of the State or Nation and reject the false decision-making notion of 'risk to benefit' based on incomplete research data, half-baked science and the artificial and misleading 'modelling' used to suit a desired political outcome. Furthermore, we the people do not support the use of experimental vaccines on the population (and especially children, teenagers, young adults, those with underlying conditions and the vulnerable) nor do we support the use of mandatory passports, vaccine economies, corporate vaccine employment discrimination or any other form of coercion or discrimination used as tools to conscript, manipulate and/or illicit 'un informed consent' or acquiescence from the people. This is all a corruption of the people's trust, both unforgivable and unforgettable, and the people will be vindicated.

Queensland's Unicameral System

We believe that the removal of the 'People's House of Review' (The Queensland Senate) was an intentional bypass of the will and eyes of the people. As such, we believe that additional restrictions urgently need to be imposed on the Queensland Legislative Assembly to restrict the veiled and largely unchallenged ascension of policy into law that would otherwise have allowed a fairer and more tested 'people-focused' representation. As such Tony will make a way to impose such restrictions on any majority Government in Queensland with a Constitutional and/or procedural mechanism to hog tie the 'will of the government' to the 'will of the people', so that the parliament and it's policy is forced to be in alignment with the people's will.

Honourable Defence

The defence of our country requires adequate capabilities, resources & personnel that strongly feature integrity, justice, mercy and humility - espousing the ANZAC spirit. It is shameful and unforgivable to experience our defence and policing forces deployed as a means of intimidation and threat on the Australian people. This will not be tolerated.

Strong Economy, Thriving Business, Employment and Migration

Supporting small business and valuing our local produce, innovation and skill drive local growth, provides local employment; export, business and entrepreneurial opportunities; and make clear, quality migration opportunities.

Taxation must be fair and equitable, not just equal or lawful.

Taxation should be applied in a fair and equitable manner, one which requires equal/comparative tax from all entities who operate business within Australia; but one that does not unfairly disadvantage households that feature working-in-the-home mothers, fathers or carers.

Healthy Household, Marriage and Family

The fortification and support of all households, Marriage, and families provides optimal health, wellbeing, resilience and protection for all household members.

Child Protection

Child protection should be paramount and unyielding, protecting also a child’s childhood, natural relationships, individual heritage, culture and beliefs.

Improved Health, Disability Support and Care

Pioneering improvements in health, support, and care to individuals throughout their lifespan; based on need; respect; and quality service delivery, improves the overall health of the individual and our nation. The preservation of 'human life' must remain paramount to 'choice', so that medical procedures are neither coerced, mandatory, forced, experimental or needlessly result in death.

Sustainable and responsible Environment

All decisions must be environmentally responsible, fully informed and support or sustain the environment for all future generations to enjoy and benefit from.

Quality Education

Equipping teachers with world-class resources, training and educational curriculum that partners with parents will maximise a child’s individual potential, their vocational pathways and future opportunity and contribution to society as a whole.

Border Protection

Sovereign borders support a safe Australia and retain our liberty, freedoms, values, ideologies and common citizenry, by way of lawful entry.

Creative, Public and Visual Arts

The Arts play a vital role in the enjoyment, mental health and relief of our nation and should be elevated, valued, supported, sustained and publicly recognised, equal to sport and academic entities. Creatives, musicians and the entertainment industry needs significant government support. No longer is token discriminatory and nepotistic funding and awards of grants tolerated. A commission of enquiry is urgently required to revive the industry and lead the implementation of safe guards, protections, support mechanisms and entitlements equal to other industries like sporting and other service industries.

Equality, Equity and Justice

Equality is possible only when laws legislate for life: are individual; need-based; and are blind to attributes, affiliations, identifications or special interest group(s). Equality, equity and Justice are not the same things.

Religious Freedom - Australia’s Constitution, Secularity and Sovereignty

Religious freedoms are the bedrock of the Constitution, and their protection intentionally fortified by the Constitution’s secularity. Australia’s constitution is sovereign, and as such, all opposition to its ideals must be exposed and neutralised swiftly.

Suffering Humanity, Refugees and Our Global Responsibility (Foreign Affairs)

It is our global responsibility to humanity (our neighbours), to provide protection and support for suffering humanity that meets an individual’s basic-needs and transitions them quickly towards relief, return or compatible resettlement.