Tony Moore stands for independent election in the Sunshine Coast seat of Nicklin, promising to ‘stand and deliver’.

Tony is a married father of four, a local cabinetmaker, Nicklin resident and descendant of Yandina cane farmers dating back to the early 1900s.

He holds an: MBA; a Master of Politics and Public Policy; Legal qualifications; Child Protection Practice and experience in community interventions and indigenous engagement; as well as a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) and a trade in Cabinetmaking.

Tony Moore

Moore says “I understand the political and economical challenges we face in Nicklin to retain our people, businesses and employment, and attract opportunity and sustainability; as well as the need to protect and care for our families, the elderly, our communities; and to simply make ends meet.”


Moore is keen to work with the community and leaders to deploy a fresh vision, direction and action for Nicklin’s success and sustainability; and on behalf of Nicklin residents, ‘stand and deliver’ for them, in Queensland’s parliament.


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Tony’s HOW-TO-VOTE card for Nicklin.